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aim is a division of which is a member of Taiwan's FIC Group, a Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronics (3C) conglomerate, with the cooperation of the two companies, Formosa21 had successfully promoting many aim audio-relative products since 1993.

With aim business units, R&D centers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and service sites, we maintain a truly international presence. Bringing these world-class resources and a commitment to excellence in every facet of its operations, aim has become the foremost reliable and valuable partner of the most successful companies in the world.

Our Value

aim's professional world-class R&D operations with D/A technology, HW/SW integration & innovation ability ensure that our customers have fast access to the full breadth of the most important technological advances.

Perhaps even more importantly, aim's product development is geared toward making innovative technology easy and reliable to use so that users can immediately enjoy the benefits. This approach is complemented by an emphasis on modularized, industry-standard solutions to allow convenient maintenance, flexible configuration and cost-effectiveness.

Moreover, aim’s products are backed up by a deep commitment to excellent service. This devotion reflects aim’s belief that our customers are in a very deep sense our partners, as aim’s success is predicated on theirs.

Our Product

aim offers leading-edge Wireless PAN & Streaming Devise that enhance desktop & portable computers or to be personal usage at any time or any place. Our products are divided into four major categories, Wireless Audio Gateway, USB Audio, USB Remote Controller & PCI Sound Card which provide exciting high-end audiovisual enhancements to the computing experience or home audio entertainment system.

More than 10 years in audio field, aim establishes very good quality reputation in series product lines. At the meanwhile, aim always provides customer time to market audio product total solution.

Our Mission

To become a world-class audio solution provider and create a none-obstacle audio environment to let people enjoy free audio.

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License : Dolby Digital RTCE, Dolby Earphone and Pro Logic IIX driver is manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.