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Latest News (May 10, 2010)
Design & Innovation Awards 2010 Hosted TAITRA in cooperation with iF
aim AS301DTS, a USB Audio dongle from Formosa21 Inc., integrated with DTS Surround Sensation Headphone, won the COMPUTEX TAIPEI Design & Innovation Awards 2010, hosted TAITRA in cooperation with iF. Chosen from 181 entries, aim AS301DTS is a Tube-like USB Audio device. Linking the Hi-Fi audio image of Vacuum Tube with the superior audio quality of
DTS, it comes with cute and easy portable design and lets user get the best sense of hearing and sight anytime, anywhere!

aim AS301DTS uses Tube as design objective. The 18K gold cap increases the product value. The Cap-less (capacitor-less) circuits can extend low frequency band. The built-in DTS Surround Sensation Headphone Technology allows users to have
better audio surround sound effect on music or movies through a pair of headphones. When playing back multi-channel audio content, it also mixes the low frequency effect to other channels that enhances the solid bass, especially for the movie content.

Recently, more and more famous movies, such as AVATAR, JURASSIC PARK, X-MEN and THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON adopted DTS to provide the best sound quality for end users. Formosa21 works with DTS to design the world first USB Audio dongle with DTS Surround Sensation Headphone Technology. Users can enjoy the DTS Surround Sound effect on the movies through netbooks or notebooks.


  1. Unique transparent vacuum tube appearance
  2. USB plug & play, uses standard USB driver *
  3. Cap-less structure offers better bass performance
  4. Complies with USB 2.0 full speed and USB Audio Class Spec. 1.0
  5. DTS Surround Sensation
  6. DTS Surround Sensation Headphone - delivers simulated five-speaker surround sound system through a pair of headphones
  7. With Voice Clarification, Bass Enhancement, Movie Mode and Music Mode for vivid listening experience.
  8. Stereo Microphone-In / Line-In.
  9. Stereo Headphone-Out.
  10. Small size, H45 x D23mm (0.9” x 1.77”)
  11. Weight, 12g (0.4oz)
  12. Mini USB port

* Installation is necessary for DTS feature.

About Computex Taipei D&I
The COMPUTEX TAIPEI Design & Innovation Awards, hosted for the first time in 2008 by TAITRA in cooperation with iF, have become a constant feature of the COMPUTEX TAIPEI trade fair. It honors products that stand out through excellent design.

About aim
aim is the abbreviation of Ahead in Multimedia,the trademark of Formosa21 Co., Ltd; the core competition of Formosa21 is multimedia communication. F=M2C Future= Multi Media & Communication is our dream and future. In digital era, since PC progress sooner, multimedia is booming. And communication also comes more application base on the population of Internet and wireless. From technical of view, to combine multimedia and communication is very difficult challenge; but the market opportunity is unlimited. Formosa21 will base on the vivid experience to developer the Remote solution for personal computer, notebook and home television, presenter and audio peripherals. Formosa21 was founded in 1984, and established in Taiwan, with branch office in the United Stated.




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License : Dolby Digital RTCE, Dolby Earphone and Pro Logic IIX driver is manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.