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Latest News (May 10, 2010)

Formosa21 announced aim Audio SC8000 – PCI Hi-End Stereo Music Card

The Professional Multimedia Product maker, Formosa21 Inc., announces the latest aim Audio SC8000, a PCI High End Stereo Music Card. The aim Audio SC8000 features with CMEDIA advanced 32-bit Audio DSP CMI8787, which can performs 24-bit/192kHz audio resolution same with Blu-ray audio format at stereo.

Plus high quality DAC component, the SNR (Signal-Noise Ratio) measure output of stereo RCA Out is 115dB, it helps audiophiles to upgrade their PC to stereo Hi-Fi system. Moreover, Phone Out built-in Headphone amplifier with 75mW output power, suitable for superior personal listening experience. it also provides optical and coaxial output, users can pass through S/PDIF to amplifier with decoder function or digital speaker system. aim Audio SC8000 is available for online and retail shop, and it’s suggestion retail price is US79.99.

"PC Audio market is going to professional oriented. The audio card dedicated for music listening will be another choice for customer. When the Blu-ray disc is more and more popular, the output quality can match the format will be clear for audio performance. After AS301DTS winning  Computex Taipei Gold Award and Design & Innovation Awards 2010, we announce the high end audio card base through aim brand, hope to deliver more options for audiophile” said Sharming LIN, Formosa21 CEO


    • Stereo Sound board uses high quality components and precision layout
    • Uses CMEDIA CMI8787 high end 32-bit Audio Processor
    • Uses AKM AK4396 high quality DAC ;
      THD+N: - 100dB; SNR: 120dB
    • Uses JRC4580 high quality OP, low distortion : 0.0005% typ.
    • Uses high precision resistors to reduce the noise of
      differential amplifier
    • Uses SUNCON  capacitors to reduce coupling distortion by low resistance and high stability
    • Uses SANYO OS-CON capacitors and four layers PCB, fully separates the power and ground level to provide clear and stable power for analog audio outputs and reduces the noise.
    • Layout can reduce noise and cross talk.
    • Complete grounding design, reduce the signal loss.
    • Direct Coupling Amplifier circuitry avoids bass loss


    • 24-bit/192kHz High Resolution Stereo Out
    • RCA Stereo Line-Out
    • 6.3mm Stereo Headphone Out, can mute Line-Out when plug in Headphone.
    • Headphone Amplifier with 75mW Output Power
    • Supports SPDIF Coaxial and Optical Output
    • Measured SNR: 115dB
    • Measured THD+N: -90 dB
    • Measured Stereo Cross-Talk: -105dB (10K ohms Loading)
    • Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound feature
    • Built-in Sound Effects for varied listening experience.
    • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP
About aim
aim is the abbreviation of Ahead in Multimedia,the trademark of Formosa21 Co., Ltd; the core competition of Formosa21 is multimedia communication. F=M2C Future= Multi Media & Communication is our dream and future. In digital era, since PC progress sooner, multimedia is booming. And communication also comes more application base on the population of Internet and wireless. From technical of view, to combine multimedia and communication is very difficult challenge; but the market opportunity is unlimited. Formosa21 will base on the vivid experience to developer the Remote solution for personal computer, notebook and home television, presenter and audio peripherals. Formosa21 was founded in 1984, and established in Taiwan, with branch office in the United Stated.



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License : Dolby Digital RTCE, Dolby Earphone and Pro Logic IIX driver is manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.